Born in The Hague, based in Rotterdam; artist & songwriter Michelle Alblas forms the creative foundation of MILA. With her airy vocals in strong electronic pop productions, MILA creates a fragile yet powerful sound. Fascinated by the fine line between control and surrender, MILA pours emotional confessions into powerful electropop productions. Inspired by artists such as Läpsley and Emilie Nicholas, MILA creates a sound with hints of synthpop and dreamy electronic indie. 

MILA debuted in 2017 with her first single Sisters. Sisters was well received by streaming platform Spotify and shortly after, MILA was asked to appear as a featured artist on the tracks ‘Water Under The Bridge’ by Anuka, ‘Sink’ by UK producer Moonracer and ‘Hide & Seek’ by Formel in 2018.

Following these collaborations, MILA released a double-sided single called ‘Heartquake/Mantra’ in early 2020 as part of her upcoming EP. Not long after that the track ‘Forest Eyes’ appeared, a collaboration between MILA and British producer Chris Durkin.

In July 2020 MILA released her single 'I Just Wanna See You So Bad', which was again picked up by Spotify in Spotify’s official playlist ‘’Chill mode: On’’.

MILA keeps the momentum going in 2021 with the release of her first music video for the focus track of the EP: Golden Honey. ''Let Go / Control'' is out now on all digital streaming platforms.

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